Covid-19 Emergency in Myanmar


16 Apr Covid-19 Emergency in Myanmar

The global emergency of Covid-19 has also affected Myanmar, where the health emergency is putting at risk a country already in serious difficulty and where ASIA is already present with agricultural projects (funded by the Italian Cooperation Agency at Development).

The first known cases of COVID-19 were detected on March 23 in the state of Chin, where ASIA has been working since 2019 with a cooperation project.
The lack of specialized laboratories for the analysis of the tests suggests a potentially dramatic situation. Despite the risks, ASIA remained in the country with both local and international staff, deciding to continue as far as possible those agricultural activities related to the ongoing projects, in the hope that they will not be suspended. A suspension would cause serious damage to a population that counts on the aid deriving from the project.

The health situation in remote areas is even worse than the already very fragile situation in large cities. For this reason, ASIA is launching interventions aimed at avoiding the spread of contagion, supporting local authorities and the population with the aim of increasing the fight against the spread of the virus.

In particular, in the Mindat district where the Mindat District Hospital operates (it is responsible for the 54 Rural Health Centers and the sub Rural Centers located in the hamlets of the township of Mindat) ASIA aims to: distribute to the family masks and gloves, disseminating messages for the awareness of hygiene rules and concrete help to the needs of the Mindat District Hospital.

In particular, the materials that have been requested by the Medical Distric Office are:
personal protective equipment
tools for the disposal of infected waste
alcohol-based disinfectants for disinfecting rooms

In the coming weeks ASIA will continue to follow the evolution of the situation to understand any further actions to be taken in the area.