Long Distance Sponsorship – Lumo’s letter


31 Oct Long Distance Sponsorship – Lumo’s letter

Since 2004 for older students attending High School or University, the Long Distance Sponsorship has consisted in providing Study Grants. For young Tibetans, carrying on their studies after junior school can prove very difficult to achieve. Their greatest obstacle is paying for their studies, which is why ASIA has set up Study Grants to endow students every time sponsors decide to support young Tibetans to realize their dreams.
With High School and University students the sponsor can have direct contacts, through meeting students in person at their home or by letter, as in the case below.

Hello, dear my sponsor, how are you recently! It’s my great pleasure to write to you. First of all, let’s me inroduce myself to you. I’m Lumo, I’d like to talk about myself from elementary school, because you sponsored me since i was an elementary school student. My mother school is Grassland Girls’ School. Obviously, only girls there. At that time we had really a challenge life, we don’t have electricity, enough water for suppling. Beacuse poor and under developed infrastructure. However, with the help of many generous poeple, we made it. “The best and most beautiful things in the world connot be seen or even touched , they must be felt with the heart “. I think it must be a kind and selfless soul. Like ASIA and many other volunteers. In the bottom of my heart i wanna say” Thank You “.

I still carry the electronic dictionary which i can afford only your help, i love it very much. Then i graduated from that school and enered high school with excellent grades.

High school is regarded as the best time of my life. Besides classes And homework, There’s something more that i especially treasure. In order to leave school no regrets, i tried my best to study hard, planed to go to an ideal college. To ne honest, i can’t understand well when teaching at first, because i came from countryside and can’t understand and speak Chinese well. No matter when life is not always dark if you really wanna change. So i determined to change the situation, gradually the teacher praised me on progress. I can got higher score during exams. I always keep my dream to become a great translator, moreover my English is not bad among classmates, so i have more confidence about dream.

How time flies !
I had took the entrance examination. Fortunately, i can go to a better university. Now I’m studing in Qinghai Normal university as a sophomore here. Many of my classmates were couldn’t go to university Beacuse many reasons. So i usually think I’m a lucky girl. Yeah the more lucky is i was admitted to a beautiful university. I do appreciate all of those who are encouraging and supporting me all the time, thank you my dear sponsor, you helped me since i was an elementary school student. What you offer me is not only money but also the opportunity to approach more knowledge and more chances. I clearly remember i promised you that I’ll pay back to your kindness through studing hard, i always keeping my promise, we should inherit your great personality to the next generation and try to develop social ethics.

University is a big stage for every student, in there we can acquire knowledge and skills, we can make more friends from different background to exchange our ideas or information with each other to widen our horizon and improve our comprehensive abilities. I joined Wesrlaker Speech Team in our school, i want to practice my ability and make progress through this team. I have many friends here, come from different areas. American, Danish and Chinese, they made my life more colorful, i live very well here. I wish you can enjoy a wonderful life. All the best.

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