Long Distance Sponsorship – Nanlo’s letter

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31 Oct Long Distance Sponsorship – Nanlo’s letter

Long Distance Sponsorship is a concrete gesture of solidarity to support economically and provide education for the children of Tibet and Nepal in full respect of their own cultural identity. Since 1994 ASIA has carried on its sponsorship project for school children, high school and University students, nuns and monks, and the elderly.
The connection formed between sponsor and (in this case) student is real and concrete, such as through an exchange of letters. Below you can read a letter from one of our sponsored students.

My name is Nanlo, I am from nomadic pastoral non-farming place which is in Qinghai province, I am graduated from Xi’an Translation University last year and majored in business of English. Now I am study at Shaanxi Normal University majoring in business administration.

I want to tell you what I am doing at school everyday. When I first stepped into the gate of my college, I knew a new life was coming and that must be the most wonderful days in my life. Some of the group students feel that college life is boring. they don’t know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I think the college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful. In my spare time. I have many hobbies. Such as reading basketball football and watching TV, during my spare time I took some courses from the COOM. I learned lots of new knowledge and it about business, linguistic, Psychology and anthropology, To be honest, In college we can do anything which you are interested in. study in college is a brand new start of my life. usually ask myself why we went to school. The original intention of everyone is different. I believe that the three most common reasons are to prepare for a career, increase their knowledge and get new experiences. When people ask us about what we want to be in the future, we usually have different answers. We might want to be teachers, doctors, scientists, businessman and so on. To tell you the truth, my ideal job is to be a businessman.

This idea came into being when I was a high school student. I’m sure what I am learning now will give me a lot of help and preparation for my future development, Because my future job requires rich knowledge and skills. I shall spend lot of time to increasing my knowledge and get new experiences. And also I will improve my interpersonal relationship and communication skills and problem solving ability I have confidence in myself that I can be a good businessman, if we are dedicated, we persevere and arm ourselves with the right tools, knowledge and people, we can succeed.

To success, the first step is to mentally condition myself for success. I need to be prepared to put in the time and effort to get what I want and study the market properly and make sure what I really want to do in my future career. Although I actually have great ambition in my mind, I will still need to make a total demand of my time, strength, money and attention to develop my ideal career. Increase my knowledge and get experiences. I believe that if I achieve little goals step by step, I will someday become what I think myself suppose to be.

Four years ago I was so lucky to had an opportunity to got amount of money from ASIA, before I was extremely worried about my college tuition, after I got an opportunity which could provided my college full tuition, I felt completely comfortable with my college life, I can fully focus on my study and my parents are do not worry about my schooling, at school I have so many friends whom are could help me to improve my learning skills and both English and Chinese communication skills, I learned a lot from my teachers and friends, at the very first I could not understanding the lectures that teacher taught us, other students are could understand the lectures very complete, at that time I thought there is no hope that I could learn English well.

One day, one of my friends share his family background and his life stories to me, he tells me so many sad stories and his life experiences, he got poor family, his parents even can not offer his school tuition, his parents are authentic farmers, every year his family all income depend on seven Mu farmland, after that I am sharing my family background and stories to him, after finished the sharing stories. he said: ‘your so lucky you got a happy and rich family, you are even don’t pay the tuition’, after that I realized that I am the luckiest one in my classroom. later we are become good friend, his English is so much better than mine, he taught me English basic grammar and pronunciation when he is free, from day by day my English is getting better and better, our friendship getting deeper even if share secret stories each other.

There was another stories that really makes me feel gratitude for a person that gave me good orientation, he is my best friend at college and taught Chinese to me, he has very good personality and good habit to reading books, even weekends he still in the library reading books, I was appreciated his work on the books, thus we are become good friend and I often followed him to go to the library, he recommended me some books that he already red, sometime we had a book club, during the discussions we are sharing different ideas about one particular book, now I thought it was the unforgettable moment in my first college Xi’an Translation University.

Next year I will graduate from Shaanxi Normal University, at the end of the story thanks for your ASIA generals help and without your help I could not be a college student. 

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