Mongolia – A renowned fairy tale

18 May Mongolia – A renowned fairy tale

In Mongolia, adults have long told fairy tales to their children.

A renowned Mongolian fairy tale, which is also included in “The Secret History of the Mongols” — a book on the history of these people — tells the story of the Queen Alungoo. She was an ancestor of Gengis Khan (11th generation), and therefore part of the Алтан ураг, or Golden Lineage.

Alungoo had five sons, but none of them got along with the others. The queen didn’t know how to bring peace into her family, until one day she called her sons in her ger, and gave an arrow to each of them.

She told them to break the arrow, and all succeeded easily. Then hen she made a bundle of five arrows and asked them to break it, but none of them was able to. Eventually she said: “My sons, you are like these arrows. If you are on your own, you might break. But when you are all together, you are invincible”.

This fairy tale is still very popular in Mongolia, and tries to teach to the new generations that people should stay together and collaborate in order to be as strong as the five arrows.

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