Mongolia – Gers, the traditional Mongolian dwellings

18 May Mongolia – Gers, the traditional Mongolian dwellings

Accordingly to experts, gers have been used in Mongolia for 3,000 years or more.

They are easy to mount and dismount, and are therefore suitable to be moved. In a year, nomadic people move from place to place 4 or 5 times, following the seasonal changes.

This allows them to find new lands for their livestock. In the past, nomads would move using camels — which carried the children on a trunk on their humps —, horses and a wagon to carry the gers, Nowadays, people usually prefer using cars with a trailer rather than animals. Their traditional homes are still gers,

The gers structure comprises two wooden load-bearing poles, a roof with a circular opening, a fireplace and a door frame. Its circular structure is made of wooden axes that are tied together with cords. Above them, people lay felt, which keeps gers warm in wintertime. Insides, gers are often orange — the colour that is linked to optimism.

Gers are very easy to mount — it takes only 30 minutes to nomads!

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