Mongolia – The way to protect and respect nature


06 Jun Mongolia – The way to protect and respect nature

The Mongolian elderly tell fairy tales and legends to teach children their traditions, their culture, and the way to protect and respect nature.

These stories are often about a spirit that protects trees and woods, river and lake waters, and the earth. Cutting trees, polluting the waters or over-exploiting the lands are gross violations.

Spirits have to be respected, otherwise bad luck might follow.

They therefore think that the elderly and their ancient stories play a key role in making respect so important to their people.

These stories are part of people’s everyday life, and one can find them also in graffiti and parietal art on the roads or in the countryside. An example is the “Deer Stones”, a complex of megaliths carved with depictions of flying deers — apparently, there are about 700 flying deers in the world, and 500 of them were found in Mongolia — or the Khirghisuur, circular graveyards from the Bronze and Iron Ages.