Nepal – Meera story

23 Mar Nepal – Meera story

For 30 years, ASIA has been significantly promoting the role of the woman within the economical developmental processes of their traditional societies. To create new economies by strengthening the social role of women is one of the main goals that ASIA pursues, and it does it through the foundation of women’s micro-enterprises and cooperatives.

Meera Gombo, a 25 yrs old woman lives with her husband Sujan Gombo who works as a carpenter and two years old daughter. She was married at a young as it is prevalent in the Tamang Community.

She and her husband separated from their parents and have been living in Naukunda, Saramthali.

She was studying in class 9 when she got married and couldn’t continue her studies. She is a housewife and has been rearing a buffalo, 3 goats and a few chickens.

The income that was generated by her husband’s work is inadequate for them to run their family. She was going through hardship when she was selected by ASIA for training & support. She received a training on Coffee Plantation and a support of 100 coffee plants and 25 shedding trees which she has planted in 1 Ropani of land (508 Sq. Meter).

As she has received also the training of coffee plantation and caring after, she hopes that the coffee plants will provide her with income in future and she will be able to raise her daughter with a better life. She is very thankful to ASIA for providing her with the opportunity to earn her livelihood and improve her living standards.

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