Nepal – Sita story

21 Mar Nepal – Sita story

For 30 years, ASIA has been significantly promoting the role of the woman within the economical developmental processes of their traditional societies. To create new economies by strengthening the social role of women is one of the main goals that ASIA pursues, and it does it through the foundation of women’s micro-enterprises and cooperatives.

received_2020194988223840-2Nepal – Sita Agasti, a 43 yrs old widow and a mother of three children lives in Naukunda, Saramthali.

She lost her husband 15 years back in a vehicle accident. She has a son of 20 years old & two daughters who were already married. She used to run a small shop in Saramthali but the extension of the road has encroached her shop. Then, she started selling vegetables to make a living for her son and herself.

She was going through a tough time when she was selected among the beneficiaries for Bee-keeping training in Saramthali which was organized by ASIA Onlus. After receiving the training and getting two beehives sets with bees as support, Sita started bee keeping to generate her income and earn her livelihood. She has now started selling honey and making money out of it.

Seven months after starting bee keeping, Sita has already sold 4 manas (2 litre) of honey at Rs.800 per mana (half litre). She now says that bee keeping can be very good option to improve her life standard. Apiculture has motivated her to do more and make a decent living. She expresses her gratitude towards ASIA for providing bee hives with its management training which encourages her to be financially independent. She has now plans to increase the number of beehive sets to produce more honey so that she can maximize her profit. Sita has proved that if provided with skill & support, she will work very hard for economic stability and make a decent living.

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