Words of virtuous contagion: Earth


22 Apr Words of virtuous contagion: Earth

Words are important. They can feed fear and stress, or relieve that sense of anxiety and bewilderment that we are all experiencing right now, allowing us to change perspective and generate a virtuous contagion, starting from what we think and feel.

The sixth word we propose is Earth.

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, established by the United Nations on April 22, 1970, we dedicate our reflection linked to the virtuous contagion to the wonderful planet we are part of, which at this moment, thanks to the suspension of human activities, is finally breathing.

The word Earth for us is linked to all the previous ones: to empathy, the importance of feeling the suffering of all living beings, even of the animals and plants that live with us on the planet, so as not to perpetuate harmful behaviors and feel also in solidarity with them. The resilience, of which the different forms of life on earth are great teachers, and above all the interdependence: we are all deeply connected, each element and organism of this Earth contributes to the life of all the others through an infinite network of bonds. This is why we, human beings, have a great responsibility to safeguard the balance and harmony of our planet by choosing virtuous behaviors that support life.

ASIA has been involved for over 30 years in protecting the environment and combating climate change, with projects ranging from support to organic agriculture to permaculture, from planting trees to preserving the pastoral traditions of Tibetan nomads.