Words resonate within us, can trigger reactions of stress, hatred and fear, or open up to new perspectives and ways of dealing with even very difficult situations such as the one we are experiencing.

These are the words you are sending us, they are many, all precious reflections on what this pandemic can teach us, becoming an opportunity for evolution and the engine of constructive change.

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I accept what happens trying to keep my center, I accept without bowing my head, without asking myself too many questions but trying to find within me the resources to face what life put in front of me. I accept and do not judge, I feed of the inner strength that flows precisely at times like these. Acceptance is the antechamber of empathy, sharing, solidarity.

Paola, Capriva del Friuli (Gorizia)


Annamaria, Napoli



Dimitar, Dubai (Emirates)

Now that we face unusual and even dangerous circumstances, we need to find courage within ourselves- a courage not only to fight the invisible enemy, but also a courage to take deep insight into our minds and hearts. To distinguish what´s essentially important for our lives, whom we owe our deepest feelings and compassion, and how we can contribute to the recovery of the entire society. It´s not as easy task as it may seem- if we look into ourselves silently and thoroughly, we may not find what we have been thinking and hoping for… This is the time to take the utmost courage and to scrutinize and mend what´s wrong until we jump into hectic days again.

Jana, Samorin (Slovakia)


Empathy allowed me to understand what was coming and it has arrived. It allowed me to help, to collaborate with my colleagues in the hospital, to be close to my acquaintances by phone. It allowed me to stay in balance, certainly with difficulty, but I never felt alone trying not to make others feel alone.

Elena, Brescia


A yearning for life for suffering people

A hand extended to people in difficulty

A ray of light to all creation

Roberto, Osoppo (Udine)



A time for letting-go of our attachments to all that we don’t need.

A time for looking deeply and letting-go of our habitual patterns that may have contributed to so much suffering through inequality and environmental exhaustion.

For new possibilities to arise, we need to let-go first of all that inhibits true growth.

A time for letting-go of limiting views and looking afresh.

All change, all letting-go involves pain, but out of it arises that what we never thought would be possible.

Out of the mud the lotus flower grows and blooms.

Ad, Herefordshire  (UK)

This moment of danger and fear leads us all to reflect on life, on death. Those who were living in a frenetic way and without observing themselves have the opportunity to stop and reflect, look around, observe their suffering but also that of others. Entering empathy, feeling the sadness and the joy of being there and of widening the heart. Give value to life, a value that is not money.

A brake that was perhaps necessary, solitude, misery, social inequality and the unbridled race for consumerism could not continue. I really hope that things will change and that we will wake up in a healed, more supportive world where primary goods such as home, work and universal love will be assured extended to all mankind and not only to their families.

Gloria, Lucca

HEALEDWORLD#levostreparole #contagiovirtuoso


Etymologically it means bouncing to grow … Creating meaning for our life by enriching ourselves personally in adversity.

And why not do it in the COVID19 emergency? We are not passive victims of a virus if not rather active people who can perceive a half full glass instead of a half empty one to face and overcome this existential humanitarian difficulty … Similarity, confidence, hope = Resilience!

Maria Fernanda, Brescia

It is amazing to see how the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing the inequality in the world. Suddenly, when the quest for power and money has come to standstill, all the people that were «unwanted» in that reality get into focus and become important. The refugees living in crowded camps with no sanitation, homeless people living in the streets, poor people who don´t have any means of protection, the weak and infirm urgently need to be considered. They cannot be ignored. The inequality on which we have built our society becomes so grimly exposed. How power and riches for the few at the expense of the many has destroyed the happiness of billions. Let us finally realize that if we share, and take care of each other and base our future on the principles of equality, we can create a much better world. A world where people can live in dignity. That´s my wish!

Heidi, Nepal


It is what we need most, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Cristiano, Novara

We hope to understand that today is a different day from the “thousand” that we have spent,

that there was not one day like the other, but above all we live the thousand days that will come in a different way from each other, when we are alone, even when we walk, even alone, when we fall asleep, because tomorrow will come and we will not be alone.

Corrado, Denzano del Garda (BS)


Charity as a need, as a duty and as a gift. I think that today it is more evident than ever that charity is not an option or a mission of priests, monks or saints, but affects all people without distinction, because it is necessary for the survival of the human being. Tashi delek!

Cristina, Milano

This period of retreat has guided us in our interior, to discover precious resources that everyone keeps and can learn about.

It stopped the race for senseless goals, to bring us back to the calm of our inner home.

Donatella, Como


In this period in which many judge on both sides and the words say everything and the opposite of everything, for us equanimity is to accept all points of view, without judgment: everyone has his own look and his need to to be accepted unconditionally. Through this space in the heart we can feel united, each in his different life but at the same time so precious and interconnected.

Emanuela, Jacopo e Ivan, Imola

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