The Enrico Dell’Angelo Fund


Education is the foundation of cultural, social and economic development throughout the world. A strong educational system not only prepares people for future employment, but also gives them the opportunity to participate in the evolution of their society. In China, India and Nepal, a high level of education is the only opportunity for young Tibetans to build a future and actively contribute to the society in which they live.

Challenges for young Tibetans
Continuing studies after completing compulsory education is very difficult: the best high schools, universities and training courses are located in large cities where, in addition to tuition fees and the cost of teaching materials, there are also high costs for board and lodging. Many Tibetan families, often nomadic shepherds, farmers or humble people and underpaid jobs, cannot afford these costs and, although students do seasonal jobs for their livelihood, the small income generated by these jobs is never sufficient.
Moreover, public scholarships are difficult to obtain and those students who are able to access the most prestigious universities, but cannot afford their costs, give up their places and sometimes interrupt their studies, with serious consequences for themselves, for their families and for the whole community.

The objective of the Fund
The Enrico Dell’Angelo Fund, created to honor the memory and legacy of Enrico Dell’Angelo, was created with the main objective of supporting the studies of young Tibetans in order to improve the overall quality of life in the Tibetan areas as well as spreading Tibetan culture and traditions all over the world.

The funds collected will cover the costs of accommodation, tuition fees and study materials for young Tibetan students.

How it works
The donor (individual, institution, company or association) can make a one-time minimum donation of € 250.
The total amount of each scholarship awarded by the Fund will depend on the total cost that each beneficiary will have to sustain until the end of his or her course of studies. The scholarship will correspond to 75% of the total cost, with the remaining 25% being covered by the student himself as proof of his commitment.

How to contribute to the Fund
By credit card / paypal    DONATE HERE

By bank transfer
IBAN IT31L0521603225000000013004
Remember to mention “Enrico Dell’Angelo Fund” as reason for payment

yeshi gyamtsoThe story of Yeshi Gyamtso
Among the first submissions received is that of Yeshi Gyamtso, a 20 year-old Tibetan girl who lives in Nepal. Yeshi is a brilliant student; she finished high school with honors and wishes to enroll in the Ranjung Yeshe Institute in Kathmandu, to deepen the study and understanding of Buddhist philosophy and to learn how to translate Buddhist texts into English. Yeshi comes from a family of 6, her father is 83 and cannot afford the cost of university fees. Yeshi is very motivated, but without a scholarship, it would be impossible for her to fulfill her dream and to help keep the Buddhist cultural tradition alive. Read the letter that Yeshi wrote to the Manager of ASIA’s Long Distance Sponsorship.


Enrico and his life
15732548_10154848090119395_6267475415777477682_oEnrico Dell’Angelo was born in Rome on 11 September 1954. In 1976 he met Namkhai Norbu and became one of his first students. From that moment on, he devoted his whole life to supporting Tibetan culture and following the Dzogchen teachings he received from Namkhai Norbu. He graduated in Tibetan language and culture at the Oriental University of Naples, with a thesis on sydpa jymdo. In 1998 he went to Tibet for the first time, on pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, and in 1996 he started working in the Tibetan areas of China for the realization of emergency projects and development. He continued to work in the Tibetan areas of China without interruption until 2010; then, from 2012, he dedicated his life to supporting the world organization of the Dzogchen Community. Enrico was one of the founding members of ASIA, an enthusiastic Tibetologist, fluent in the different Tibetan dialects, and an expert in international cooperation. Unfortunately, on December 26, 2016 he passed away due to a sudden and incurable illness.

* To contribute to the Enrico Dell’Angelo Fund it is not necessary to make an ongoing donation, like for the Study Grants that are part of the Long Distance Sponsorship Project