ITALY. Covid-19 Emergency



Italy is unfortunately one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and ASIA, despite being the Asian continent its area of intervention – where it is operating with interventions for the prevention and containment of the pandemic – has decided to do its part both for the health emergency and for the social emergency that is becoming increasingly pressing.

In the first phase, the lack of essential safety devices for medical personnel was very strong, so we launched a fundraising campaign and we were able to provide the Santa Corona Hospital of Pietra Ligure (in the province of Savona) with headgear and protective glasses.

We will continue to support the Santa Corona Hospital of Pietra Ligure in Research, in particular of rare forms of neurological presentation of covid19, in the development of a database of a hundred covid19 patients to study their characteristics and response to therapies and in the study of the endocrine SRAA system in covid19.

We then moved on, from May 4th, to a second phase where a social emergency becomes more evident. For this reason we decided to join the Associazione Maestri di Strada Onlus to reach more and more children and families with “food for mind” (consisting of notebooks, books, colors, sketchbooks, stationery, modeling clay and tablets for isolated children unable to attend school activities and remote workshops) distributed to families in need in the eastern suburbs of Naples (neighborhoods of San Giovanni a Teduccio, Ponticelli and Barra).

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