Among its several projects in Nepal, ASIA supports the local economy while helping preserve its lands, which have been damaged by the prolonged use of synthetics, particularly in farming.

Thanks to the funds from Treedom, ASIA has started a new project to support small local coffee producers. In fact, coffee farming is a very profitable and growing field in Nepal. The project will start with trainings on cultivating, producing and selling coffee. ASIA will then plant 10,000 coffee plants, along with 2,500 macadamia and jackfruit trees, which are also very profitable and have positive effects on coffee farming.

ASIA will develop organic and traditional farming, focusing on permaculture and avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The project will rely on a Participatory Guarantee System, based on mutual trust and respect.

ASIA is also planning a training to promote cooperation among small farmers, and the creation of nurseries to ensure long-term sustainability of this project and help new activities grow.

The project will directly affect 100 small farmers and their families. However, the whole Yarsa and Saramthali communities in the Rasuwa District — one of the most damaged districts after the earthquake in 2015, where 95% of the buildings were destroyed — will benefit from that.