08 Feb Nepal earthquake. Slums of Kathmandu

In the slums of Kathmandu (in Bhuikhel and Jawalakhel), shantytowns where the houses were made of metal sheets and cardboards, live children from very poor families. Due to the earthquake, these children have lost what little they had, but above all, they have lost one...

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18 Jan Myanmar, a sustainable management of natural resources

[gallery ids="3437,3438,3439,3440"] Since 2010, after fifty years of military dictatorship and a rigid economic and political isolation, Myanmar has started a process of democratization and political and economic reforms, accompanied by a policy of international openness. This project aims to improve food-security and promote rural development and...

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18 Jan A library for the Rma zhol School

The Rma zhol School is located in the Tongde County at 3600 in the Hainain Prefecture, a very remote area. This school was founded in 1956 and today hosts 386 students coming from the 10 different villages of the Hebei district, and 40 teachers. Currently,...

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04 Jan A rural school in Wakha

In Qinghai Province the illiteracy and school dropout rates are very high, for this reason the school of Wakha is essential in order to ensure the right to education for children of nomadic Tibetan community that lives in the grasslands at 3500 meters above sea...

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04 Jan Primary education and multilinguism

[gallery columns="4" ids="762,760"] Weragama and are Urawatta are two fishing communities of the southwest coast of Sri Lanka affected by the 2004 Tsunami. We intervened in the two communities after the natural disaster occurred, building two kindergartens and, in Weragama, we dealt with the construction of...

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04 Jan Let’s send them to school!

  [gallery columns="4" ids="2777,2769,2768,2767"] In the village of Qiewan, located 4200 meters above sea level, is located the school Golok (Snowland Grassland Girls' School), attended by Tibetan girls from villages scattered over the surrounding mountains and the nomadic communities of the plateau. In ASIA we support this school...

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