23 Dec Speed for life

Improve the living conditions of small-scale farmers by increasing agricultural production and the marketing of high-value vegetables and seeds in the central region of Nepal...

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18 Nov Organic Agriculture in Nepal

Agriculture is one of the biggest sources of income in Nepal. However, due to climate change and the use of chemical pesticides some lands have been abandoned. The villages of Yarsa and Saramthali are villages in the buffer area of the Langtang Park. This area...

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19 Feb Water for food

Guaranteeing agricultural productivity for self-sustainability and trade to 360 farmers in Kavrepalanchok, Sindhuli and Sindhupalchok Districts; creating water collection systems and highly efficient irrigation systems....

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18 Jun Crisis of the nomadic shepherds in Mongolia

In the last ten years, Mongolia has witnessed a strong economic growth, with its annual GDP growing by 17%. However, the following crisis has affected a group of people – the nomadic shepherds – who were already facing many problems. Harsh winters and the sequence in...

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06 Jun Nepal. Restart from Sustainable Agriculture

80% of the population lives off agriculture, and the organic products niche market is growing in Nepal. This opportunity needs to be taken advantage of today, to help producers get free of the impoverishment cycle that currently finds them obliged to use hybrid seeds and...

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